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The modern SUPERFOOD that's as old as the hills.
Nutritionally packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin
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Images of our Bone Broth, Wheatgrass and Apple Cider Vinegar Operation

Bones cooked in a slow cooker
A picture of the bones slow cooked for 24hrs.

Strain the bones out of the broth
Straining the cooked bones out of the broth.

A bowl of strained beef bones
Not the nicest looking pile of bones, but the marrow, gelatine and all the goodness has been boiled out.

Fat and gelatine seperating in the bowl
Notice the fat rising to the surface leaving the gelatine to settle in the bottom, making separation easier.

Just bone broth left
Once the fat is lifted off, the beautiful golden gelatine is all that's left.

Lovely golden gelatine ready to freeze
Lovely, pure, honey coloured gelatine measured into ice cube trays ready to freeze.

Wheatgrass growing in trays in the greenhouse
Wheatgrass growing in trays in the greenhouse.

Wheatgrass indoors ready to juice
Wheatgrass in the kitchen ready to juice.

Phil Juicing Wheatgrass
Phil putting the wheatgrass through the juicer.

Wheatgrass juice in ice cube tray
The wheatgrass is put in trays ready to freeze.

One of our delicious apple trees
One of our apple trees laden with apples.

Chopped up apples ready to ferment
A large bucket of apples ready to ferment.

The fermented apples strained into another bucket
Fermented apples (cider) strained off the juice. Now it is left to mix with oxygen to convert to vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar
The apple cider vinegar is tested, bottled and made ready to sell. See the ACV page for benefits.

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